Type One Writers!

The Type One Writers Club is open to anyone of any age living with Type 1 Diabetes in the UK. Ever fancied chatting to a fellow diabetic chum the old fashioned way, by posting a snazzy looking letter? We love receiving post that isn’t a bill or a bank statement. That’s why Type One Writers was born!

For a small one-off membership fee of £5 (UK ONLY) you will be matched with a pen-pal as well as receiving a starter pack which includes Type One Writers stickers, writing paper and envelopes, funky postcards, a selection of patterned writing paper and a welcome letter from our Type One Writers Founder – Zoe!

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If you like what we’re doing, why not donate to Type One Writers? Your donation will go a long way and contribute to keeping membership costs low and keeping our fab stationary stock topped up!